Private consultations with Ella Yelinek


Ella-Yelinek3Ella Yelinek, Master Alchemist, Spiritual Healer, Grand Master of the New Runes of the Infinite Mother, Belvaspata Grand Master

Host of the Russian-language radio program “Path to the Self – Spiritual Oneness” for Mudrost Almine (Almine’s Wisdom)

Over a thousand students have had the opportunity to study with Ella Yelinek since 1995. Her constant practice of Mastery, untiring desire to continue on the path of receiving insights, deep inner work and following her own inner call, help people to discover in her “their own personal Master”, who they come to for support and inspiration on their life path.

Private Healing Sessions:

Modalities of Belvaspata – Healing of the Heart:

  • Basic Belvaspata – Healing of all aspects (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • Kaanish Belvaspata – Enlightenment, DNA Restoration
  • Braamish Ananu – Embracing your Divinity
  • Healing of the Reproductive System
  • Healing of Chronic and Systemic Diseases
  • Belvaspata in conjunction with the Toltec Nagual Healing System
  • Kriavaspata – Healing of Animals
  • Alchemical Sound Healing – Healing of Addictions
  • Belvaspata of Oneness
  • Healing of Past Lives
  • Healing of Cancer

Creating Magical Instruments – Changing Situations – Manifesting Intent – Spiritual Consultation

  • Alchemy – creating alchemical oils, holy waters and essences.
  • Hakulit – Spiritual Consultation and creating of Power Sigils
  • Qi Vesta – Manifestation of Desires
  • Guidance and Manifestation using the New Runes of the Infinite Mother

Activation of Spiritual Gifts and Higher Potential:

  • Activation as a conduit for White Magic
  • Merging with your Divine Aspect (Higher Self)
  • Personal prophecies from the Divine Source for creating a new reality
  • Going beyond the Matrix
  • Infinite Abundance


  • Belvaspata: Levels 1-2, Master, Grand Master
  • New Runes of the Infinite Mother: Master*, Grand Master*.

Revelation of your Highest Truth and your Divine Essence is your eternal birthright!

Attaining wholeness, embracing yourself and your power, understanding yourself, trusting life and yourself bring great pleasure and joy to every second of your Being and Creation.

Each person has amazing power and potential and is able to create their own reality, solve any problem, activate their own potential, and create any power object.

If your heart resonates with these words, I am here to help you remember how.

After any of the above-mentioned sessions, you will feel your True Essence.

Cost of consultations: 2 hours (minimum time) — $400, plus 15 free minutes.

Cost for a package of several sessions is determined on an individual basis.



    • Belvaspata: Levels 1 + 2 — $350

    • Master – Grand Master — $450


Master of the Runes* — $100

Grand Master of the Runes* — $250

*Initiations for the Runes are available only to students of the Institute of the New Runes of the Infinite Mother.

Contact information: [email protected]


«Ella, it is with sincere Love and Gratitude that I write you my impressions of the webinars. Thanks to these practical application lessons the material is easy to integrate. Almost no questions arise, as all nuances are discussed, everything is explained in great detail. For this reason, students have no trouble using all of the practices – just listen and do, and sincerely thank your teacher for the work they put in. Dear Ella, I sincerely thank you for helping us – a tremendous thanks to you.»

With great Love and Gratitude, Lena Ustinova

«Ella, I am eternally grateful to you for the truly cosmic work that you do for the good of the Infinite and all of Existence. I am not always able myself to get into the necessary state to the depth that happens when you lead the process.  Personally for me it is very important, especially for the magical ceremony of Cell Regeneration. I feel how basic the ceremony is for the current moment, and doing the ceremony now to the recording of the webinar is a wonderful experience. Again, thank you for all you do.»

Irina – Russia  

«It is just unbelievable, the energies were just unbelievable and powerful! I feel every cell vibrating, my whole body feels like it has tiny pins in it :))) My whole body is humming, vibrating, just like it is about to take off! I love you and thank you from my heart!!!»


«A huge thanks for this webinar. I felt a very deep resonance and revelation with every symbol.»


«A tremendous THANK YOU for this webinar. Everything was so powerful. Just like at a retreat. I have never gone so deep before at home. Everything is just super – super! Everything is opening up inside. Everything is Gratitude )))»


«I thank you for organizing such pertinent webinars! In the state of Point Zero, old programs are dissolved that hold us tight in the social matrix, and the cleansed space is filled with new principles of existence. The energies during the webinars were so powerful that deep levels of memory were cleansed. Heartfelt gratitude to you, Ella, for the opportunity to participate in this process of transfiguration.»


«Dear Ella! I really admire your gift of interpreting the Runes, and the messages that they bring in the Alchemy of Rune spreads. The Rune webinars were very powerful, I received a great deal of insights and revelations, and of course, direct guidance about my life! I received the answers to many questions through you in working with the Runes. I can feel the power and knowledge when you work with the Runes, they literally whisper their messages to you, and you are able to pass them on so quickly and with such harmony to those who are still just learning this mastery. Heartfelt Gratitude to you for your magnificent work.»

Ekaterina Mikhaylova